Made in Wolverhampton, prized around the world

Travel by air anywhere in the world and it’s likely your aircraft will have components that were made in the City of Wolverhampton.

What isn’t so well known is that when you get home, you might find a little bit of Wolverhampton behind the bar of your local pub.

The city’s home to Marston’s (Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries) - and to the headquarters of the whole Marston’s organisation.

Originally founded as Banks’s Brewery in 1875, Marston’s is the world’s leading brewer of premium cask and bottled ales and a leading pub operator with an estate of around 1,600 pubs situated nationally and employing over 13,000 people nationwide.


World leaders in food testing, Eurofins operates their laboratory at i54 just a few miles north of the city centre.  

As part of an investment programme in its microbiology department, Eurofins Food Testing UK has launched a new two year scheme exclusively for Microbiology Undergraduates at the University of Wolverhampton, designed to develop the food scientists of the future.

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