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Take the 360° TourWhether you’re a home builder seeking prime housing locations or a business seeking employment land, we have a wide range of residential and commercial investment locations across the city. Our highest priority 'top 100' projects can deliver over 7,000 new homes, 130ha of high quality employment land and 100,000 square metres of commercial office and retail floorspace over the next 10-15 years – around £3.2 billion of investment.

Our inward investment team are committed to helping you find the right site for your next design and build project. We work together with our award winning planning team who are on hand to provide expert advice and will support you every step of the way to ensure you next project is a success.

How we help you

  • We can help you to access financial support. We work closely with the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) whose ambition is to enhance conditions for enterprise to flourish and facilitate economic growth. Around £70 million funding has been allocated to enable delivery of development throughout the Black Country with a view to delivering projects within the next 12-18 months and subsequently till 2021. This funding could mean financial support for site remediation or technical studies and if you're a landowner there could be funding available which could help you to bring the site forward for investment.

  • We can act as a broker between developers and landowners. We have good sources of local land and property intelligence, and can provide information on where development opportunities in the city exist and put you in touch with the right people to find a site that closely matches your needs. Current information can be found here on all sizes of sites across the City which are suitable for new housing (including an interactive map).

  • As a Planning and Transport Authority we have statutory powers and legal functions that allow us to invest in transport infrastructure where it would be beneficial or to make sites more attractive propositions.

In addition we offer:

  • Planning certainty
  • A dedicated planning professional from day one who will work with you to identify your needs and support you through every stage of the process from planning through to project completion
  • Provide local intelligence and market research to support your business case
  • Identify council owned and privately owned sites based on your requirements from a 'live' pipeline of land opportunities
  • Advise on suitable funding that can be accessed to support your build project
  • Assist with site visits and tours

For more information and to discuss your next design and build project in further detail please contact our inward investment team.

Find out more about our business friendly planning system or contact us for more information.


We work closely with our local land and property agents to find a site which matches your needs including:

The Land Registry website is a useful source of information on land and property ownership.

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