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AtmosVRAtmosVR Ltd is responsible for creating virtual reality and augmented reality content for a variety of purposes. Utilising a range of technologies and calling on industry experience, the company assists other businesses during the content creation stages of a specific project.

From creating realistic 3D VR representations of specific venues to designing imaginary environments for promotional purposes, AtmosVR has built its reputation on an ability to work closely with clients and deliver a tailored service that meets individual requirements. Offering a full range of engaging VR experiences, the company has become one of the market leaders in new technology, as the popularity of immersive gaming and interactive learning continues to grow across the world.

Using the most up-to-date technologies available, Atmos are committed the company to innovating new ways for VR and AR to be delivered, all of which go against traditional industry ‘norms’ – reinventing the ways in which consumers currently engage with the technology. The company currently offers a range of specialist VR services, and through close collaboration from inception to delivery, they use the client’s brief, requirements and goals to help design and create a bespoke AR or VR package that meets time and budget specifications.

The Matterport 3D showcase service uses industry-leading technology to help prospective property buyers look around a property in stunning, realistic detail from the comfort of their own homes. This immersive 3D experience allows customers to take a personal tour of a property, providing them with detail and insight that cannot be achieved from looking at an artist’s impression. AtmosVR are also the UK distributors for the I-mmersive ’VEYE 360’ Live Streaming System. This cutting-edge technology is responsible for providing clear, 360-degree 4K live streaming, which can help clients overcome ticket allocation restrictions, allowing real-time streaming of popular events such as concerts and conferences. This service can be especially useful when offering alternative viewing experiences for those customers who are unable to physically attend an event due to illness, disability or for other logistical reasons.

A business support navigator from the City of Wolverhampton Council, a partner in the Black Country Growth hub, carried a strategic business review to understand key needs and challenges. The review led to referrals to existing support to teach the business important marketing techniques and solidify ongoing fundraising efforts. Signposting important key contacts for the firm, the City of Wolverhampton Council continues to support the growing company in its efforts to popularise and excel this exciting technology. The support provided to the business has been delivered as a result of the ERDF Black Country AIM Programme.

Collaborating with its sister company, ‘Dark Realities’, AtmosVR recently produced the world’s largest free roaming VR experience in Birmingham, which will be rolled out across other cities over a 12-month period. With this unique project just around the corner, AtmosVR is experiencing a period of growth, as they look to recruit new talented individuals to join the team to help deliver the Dark Realities project. Post-delivery they are preparing to reinvest in recruitment, while continuing to push the evolution of their AR and VR services. Working from the Creative Industries

Hub in the Science Park, the company has immediate, on-site support from a group of experienced technology professionals, who are dedicated to pushing the company forward, while staying focussed and innovative.

In the meantime, AtmosVR is focussing its efforts on promoting and inventing exciting new ways for customers to engage with AR and VR technology, drawing on the support of the Council and its partners, and its own in-house industry experience to achieve this.

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