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Infinity TubesInfinity Tubes produce a number of different products, all are for the temporary barrier industry. Made from galvanised steel, bent and welded on site, sprayed and then transported to the client’s location - the product is made in volume as it is simply consumed, thrown away/recycled and even buried on building sites!

The company has recently designed and tweaked their barriers to have an “entrance gateway” built into them, thus allowing crowd control and also the ability to count people entering. It is simple in use but highly effective. Alongside this they have designed a larger, stronger barrier which is more capable than the “industry norm” with different shape feet and side anchor points, with one further crowd control barrier which is in development stage which is poised to set their industry on fire so watch this space.

The company would like to reduce its usage of electricity, it has started by buying robotic welders who are efficient and use less electricity than the previous robotic welder they owned. Insulating the building is not viable however the warming of the “working bays” could be improved and this is being investigated.

Their products are exported across the UK and Europe with the company currently working with Football clubs to make barriers with the grounds emblems and colour schemes are being explored. One of the more heart warming parts is that almost all of raw materials used in the making of the products are sourced locally or more importantly the Black Country.

The City Council Business Development Team, working through the AIM Programme and as a partner in the Black Country Growth Hub has helped the clients by introducing them to funding streams and grant possibilities; supported their recruitment and training needs; brokered their attendance at a number of seminars and workshops to improve their knowledge, and their engagement in the Universities innovation and digital programmes.

All this support, together with regular meetings with their dedicated Council Business Navigator, has helped the company become stable, offering a secure platform to be able to grow at a strong pace with a solid position in the marketplace. Their new innovations are protected by IP laws, and the further raising of capital for cashflow and furthering their innovations have all been helped by the constant and consistent support from the Councils Business Navigators and EU funded programmes.

“The support received from The Black Country Growth Hub has been invaluable. It seems that you cannot ask them for the wrong thing, with advice and support for numerous matters being there when you need it?". "When you feel like the world is against you, things are stacking up and you don't know which way to turn, a quick conversation with one of the AIM navigators ours was Glenn Watts from the City of Wolverhampton Council can lead to a world of opportunities and it’s nice to know that help is out there". "Access to Finance offer ongoing support and help you make the right decisions to move your business forward". "I feel the AIM programme has real faith in the Black Country and has an important role to play, regarding the growth of local industry and economy". "Not only does the AIM programme introduce Businesses to the right people to talk to for help and advice, it also introduces Businesses to other Businesses that may be potential customers or suppliers (it’s not what you know, it’s who you know)".

Luke Plant, Director at Infinity Tubes

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