Ten Point Nine

Ten Point NineMother and daughter owned business ‘Ten Point Nine’ offer bespoke, handmade tailoring solutions for some of Britain’s top level air rifle and small bore shooters. They are the only UK supplier of one jacket and a UK authorised supplier of another, however what sets them apart is the ability to “adjust” each of these off the peg jackets to suit the user, their specific body styles and their very specific needs. Importantly they have designed and then made their own shooting jacket which is gaining worldwide popularity as it has many features which are not currently available from any other manufacturer.

Did you know that a number of World Champions, Olympians and Paralympians have had jackets made, adjusted and repaired by TenPointNine? A number cite their competition win on the newly purchased or adjusted jackets, many complementing their ability to understand the body shape and the needs of the individual athlete, thus giving the recipient the confidence and a massive plus, the competitive edge.

The business is now operated by a Mother and daughter partnership, however it was set up initially by Philippa, a single mom with a disabled son who’s needs meant she could not find a main stream job. So she did what she knew best, tailoring, blending this with her daughter’ beloved sport was a match made in heaven and also meant she could give her son the care he needed when he needed, perfect just like the score 10.9 which the highest score that can be achieved and hence the brand name “ten point nine”. People with disabilities find off the peg clothing extremely difficult to put on, uncomfortable to wear and often drapes and gathers in “odd places” an issue that can be restrictive. TenPointNine are able to make bespoke clothing (business and casual) that can be easily put on by someone with limited mobility that is perfectly tailored to them, their individual needs, body shape, disability and comfort requirements.

The City of Wolverhampton Council Business Navigator, working through the ERDF AIM Programme as part of the Growth Hub, has helped support the client in a number of ways including regular contact over the phone blended with 1-2-1 sessions for coaching, ideas setting, and confidence building not only in the business but also in regards to moving the business from home based to its own dedicated commercial premises at Pendeford Business Park. Our Business Navigator played a critical role in supporting this move, assessing the pros and cons of the move, advising on leases, business rates, property grants. Further support ensured they were positioned to investigate R&D tax credits and to work further on their new products with the University through their Innovation Programmes.

On top of the core products they have an extra service which is also tailoring but for a very different market place, one they also hold very dear to their hearts. They have via their own personal experience produced clothing for people with specialist or complex needs. The availability of this service, which needs to be conducted respectfully by experienced tailors who are aware of disability needs, gives new freedoms and opportunities to limited mobility users, sadly lacking nationally and locally.

“Hannington and Glenn have been an incredible support to us over the last few months. We met them first when we were first considering embarking in a move of premises. This meeting took place in a local café since our old premises could not facilitate such a meeting. With their support, we worked out our requirements and were able to secure a tenancy in a perfect location, which our employees can still commute to that would be much better for us as a business and our customers. They have also helped us by pointing out grants and funding opportunities as well as courses and other networking opportunities. We are confident that the assistance we have received from the whole team will really help us to grow as a company, allowing us to offer fantastic services and be excellent employers”.
Ten Point Nine owner, Philippa

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