City of Wolverhampton procurement opportunities

The City of Wolverhampton Council alone spends over £350 million every year with its supply chain. This ranges from innovative investments in regenerating our city for the future, to individual support for the most vulnerable people in our communities. We can only deliver what we need to do by working in partnership and using the best that the private sector and voluntary, community and social enterprises can offer.

That's why partners in the city have come together to sign up to the City of Wolverhampton Charter, making sure every pound of spend has the maximum positive impact on our city, residents and businesses.

The charter establishes 5 core principles to underpin our collective commissioning and procurement activities, setting out what we want from suppliers and how they can contribute to supporting local people.

Core principles:

  • develop and grow a skilled workforce
  • encourage healthy lifestyles and independence
  • support more people to be active within their communities
  • support business to develop and grow
  • support the reduction to the carbon footprint and eliminate unnecessary waste

The City of Wolverhampton Council, City of Wolverhampton College, City of Wolverhampton University, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council (WVSC), and the Wolverhampton Economic Growth Board, which is made up of the city's key public sector organisations and leading business representatives, have all signed the charter, demonstrating the commitment of the major public sector agencies and larger businesses in Wolverhampton to support local suppliers of goods and services.

Details of current opportunities from the City Council and other public sector organisations in Wolverhampton can be found at:

City of Wolverhampton Council and @BuyWolves
University of Wolverhampton and @WLVProcurement
Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
Wolverhampton Homes
Contracts Finder - UK
Tenders - Europe

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