Online housing prospectus


This Residential Development Sites Prospectus has been produced to provide house builders, developers and investors with a list of the major housing development opportunities currently available in Wolverhampton. The City has a robust and deliverable pipeline of housing development opportunities with the potential to deliver almost 10,000 new homes by 2026. The focus of this prospectus is our short to medium term opportunities to give prospective developers, either from the private sector or the Housing Association movement, awareness of these opportunities and the encouragement to pursue them.

The Council will work with house builders, developers and land owners to build new homes. Our policy is actively to support housing growth across all tenures to achieve the wider objective of building the future of the City. Wolverhampton has a national reputation as an authority which is supportive of housing growth, a reputation which we are keen to maintain by engaging with developers to bring forward excellent residential schemes that will add to the quality of the built environment and meet the housing needs of the citizens of our City.

The site information on these pages includes contacts at Wolverhampton’s Planning department who can assist you with advice on the development potential of each site, and the relevant Council policies.

The Information for landowners section provides links to the websites of developers and housing associations currently active in the city. Landowners and agents are encouraged to make use of this information to match their sites to likely developers.

The Useful Links section provides access to information about grant funding to support new residential development, as well as information about policies that may affect your build plans, both locally, regionally and nationally.

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