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Molineux Quarter

Many major cities are synonymous worldwide with their football clubs and the City of Wolverhampton is no different. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC’s Molineux home was one of the first modern all-seater stadiums in the early 1990’s and has undergone further redevelopment in recent years. This time round it’s as much about creating a new destination for Wolverhampton as it is cutting edge football facilities. The club is currently working together with the City Council, and the University of Wolverhampton on a vision for the Molineux Quarter to create a striking northern gateway to the city which will considerably improve the pedestrian and cycling experience in the area. Sitting alongside the stadium is the new £18 million Business School, complementing the university’s growing city campus.

A football stadium, supermarket and university campus may seem like an odd combination, but through collaboration and a shared goal they will create a high quality environment that will appeal to everyone. The hope is it will become a beacon for best practice in regeneration and provide residents and visitors – whether they are football fans, students or shoppers – with stunning public spaces and a natural gateway into the rest of the city.

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