COVID-19 Business Support


Capacity and Resilience Workshop and Grants

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, our existing part-EU funded Business Growth and Grant programme has been re-shaped to focus on supporting business to adjust, stabilise then aspire for growth.

Free Business Bounce Back Programme

Are you...

  • Eager to re-build your business, stabilise, then look for new opportunities?
  • Ready to join like-minded businesses to explore new markets, new ways to do business and be ready for the new world?
  • Prepared to commit the time to make this a reality over the next 2-4 months?

    Then the free part EU funded AIM for GOLD Programme could be for you.

What you will get...

Our business experts will review your business, examine where you currently are, explore where you would like to be, then look at solutions of how to make this happen.

You will gain access to a number of the tools/solutions below:

  • Webinars: such as Building Resilience, Managing Cashflow, Adapting to Change
  • Business Surgeries: on multiple relevant subjects
  • Online coaching: on a 1-2-1 basis with experienced business coaches
  • Optional Workshop: on completing your grant application

Grants of up to £20,000 can be used for Capital purchases (30% match funding) and Revenue grants (50% match funding) aimed at building and producing stability, with an option for growth in the medium to long term.

Webinars, surgeries, and coaching delivered by experienced advisers from City of Wolverhampton Council’s Business Team and from a number of successful local businesses. Participants will gain the support they need to build resilience and capacity, and respond to the emerging needs in the market.

Starting a business based on passion for what we love and absolutely enjoy doing is fantastic. However, running a business without any sort of business understanding on the basics of how to operate was starting to cause problems and minor issues each year, once the business began to grow. We needed help. Our help came from the City Council’s Business Development Team.

Paul Jones, Owner, Good Start Jones

How to register

Following an initial quick application process, successful businesses will be registered onto the programme. You will be contacted so we can conduct a business review, which happens virtually.

Contact us...

Twitter: @investwolves